Can I physically send the gift?

Yes, you can!. YeAh offers you the physical format of a postcard and bag where the Gift Code goes for the recipient to open the Experience. for The bag can be sent to your home so that you can go to the event with the gift in hand or to the recipient's home. for This service has the additional cost of shipping.

Once the term has expired, the Code will lose its validity. If from the expiration of the same without the Code having been activated, you will have a period of fifteen (15) calendar days to request the extension of its validity, in which case you will be given a new Code and an additional value linked to the updating of the Providers' rates and the administrative costs that it implies.
You can carry out the process by entering your user panel on the Site, in the "My gifts ( My Experiencies )". Otherwise, you should contact via email to and notify the code.

You can offer the experience as often as you want and adjust the dates and times until you find what suits you best.

Yes, if it falls within the Causes of Cancellation

All the experiences codes that you bought or received as a gift ,are in your user account in Experiences

Yes, as long as you have not made a reservation during the term.

Contact YeAh! to

You must pay the additional value linked to the higher cost of the chosen Experience or you will have a credit for the difference in your favor, and you will be awarded a new code The credit generated can only be used by making a direct purchase. contact to YeAh! by email to or by WhatsApp at +549-(2920)-297777.

Never, but it keeps their nominal value.

It could be:

-Digital via email

-Physical where the gift consists of a postcard with the code, within a gift bag from YeAh! that you can physically send by post or Pick it up at the Pick Up Center if there is one in your city

f you need to modify a confirmed reservation, the modification must be agreed in privately between the parties between the User and the Host, without implying any responsibility for YeAh!.

More info on point 6 inside Terms and Conditions.

If you want to revoke your purchase and obtain a refund, you must cancel within 24 hours after purchase, provided the code has not been opened, requesting it to YeAh! to the email

More info on point 7 inside Terms and Conditions.

Of course you can!. More info on point 8 inside Terms and Conditions.

Yes you can. More info on point 9 inside Terms and Conditions.

A sales commission applicable before taxes, to cover the expenses for the services and customer care you offer, unless between host and Yeah agree on another percentage. The nominal value of the Service fee is calculated from the price published by the hosts before tax.

Although we discount it on launches in each region, we can charge you a fixed monthly fee for posting an experience (advertisement) for the product display of promotional campaigns in networks, search engines and mobiles, offered by the Platform, that the Host can pay on a monthly basis or YeAh! discounts it from future sales, before making payments as a result of your sales.

It may be that a Host asks you to verify your identity before performing an experience. This is a one-time procedure and it will serve you forever.

There are two ways to do that:

1- After making the purchase, the same process will guide you to do, or.

2- If you want to do it on your own:

-Go to Profile

-Click on Identity verification

-Follow the steps

Once the term has expired, the Code will lose its validity, without you having activated the Code you will have a period of fifteen (15) calendar days to request the extension of its validity, in which case a new Code will be given and a value must be paid additional linked to the update of the Providers' rates and costs administrative implications.

You must contact via email to and inform the Code.